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Welcome to Myanmar Library Association

Part 1: The Management Structural Plan

1. Position names
The Library Association will be known as the Myanmar Library Association.

2. Definitions of positions
  1. The Association referred to is The Myanmar Library Association.
  2. The Library referred to does not have a commercial aim, but is to be beneficial to all readers. The building, consisting of reading and viewing rooms and the other buildings, will all be known as the Library.
  3. The Librarian is the professionally qualified person who is in charge of the management and administration of the Library.
  4. The professionally qualified Librarian refers to the person with the related librarianship qualifications, such as degree or diploma in librarianship.
  5. The Branch means the branch of the organization of the Library.
  6. The Annual Meeting refers to the meeting (as described in Part 2) to be held each year.
  7. The Library Conference means the meeting to be held every four (4) years.
3. The Patrons
Honourable citizens will be invited to act as Patron to the Association.
4. The Association Seal
  • The seal will have a 2 inch radius and is double layered. The second Seal will have a 1.5 inch radius and will also be double layered. There will be a total of two (2) seals bearing the Myanmar Library Association engraving thereon.
  • The inner circle will have the date and reference number inscribed.
  • The seal fitting the above description will be utilized.
  • The seal will be kept safely by the Secretary of the Association.
5. The Location
The Association Working Committee’s Office is to be located in Yangon.
6. Objectives
  • To help in every capacity towards the development of the country with the aid of the Scholars and Librarians.
  • The Scholars and Librarians are to pool their efforts for the development of the operations of the Library.
  • Aimed towards the development and improvement of the Scholars and the Members of the Library.
  • To promote the pursuit of readership by the public, consequently producing more Librarians to help in the preservation and promotion of Myanmar literature.
  • To coordinate with governmental and non-governmental organizations internationally.
  • To modernize and update Library education.
7. Operations
  • To achieve the above objectives the following operations are to be practiced and observed by the Association Members.
  • To hold occasional seminars and discussions as permitted.
  • To promote understanding of Library issues, books and journals are to be published and distributed.
  • To conduct refresher courses.
  • To conduct any and all projects in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • To exchange knowledge and information with all other associations having similar objectives, both internally and externally.
  • Note: This Association is not affiliated with any political parties and is a Non-Governmental Organization.

Part 2: The Regulations of the Association

1. Categories of Membership
  • Ordinary membership
    A qualified person holding a Diploma / Degree in Librarianship can become a member of the Association.
  • Auxiliary membership
    A degree holder who is working full-time in the Library.
  • Student Membership
    A person who is currently undertaking a course in Librarianship.
  • Permanent membership
    An Ordinary member can be upgraded to a Permanent member by contributing the Permanent membership fees.
  • Honourable membership
    A person who preserves to fulfill the aims and objectives of the Association many be made an Honourable member, in accordance with the given rules of the Working Committee of the Association.
2. Becoming a Member
A citizen of Myanmar who complies with the rules of the Association may become a member, should be apply to the Secretary using the prescribed form. The application is to be scrutinized by the Executive Committee and if deemed appropriate, he will be accepted as a member after payment of admission and annual fees.
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